Why Should My Business Be On The Internet?

There are several reasons why you might want your business on the web......

  • Unless you  have been living in a cave, you know that a home computer is fast becoming a regular  household item, the number of homes with P.C's has now doubled. Home computers are being installed by the hundreds every day, all over the world. "Look it up  on the web" is becoming an often used phrase.
  • Every year, the amount of shopping on the internet increases, and more and more  businesses are doing their major sales this way. Over $161 million worth of goods &  services were sold over the internet last year in Australia alone!
  • If you have a retail outlet  or market stall your sales & promotions are generally limited to your area. On the  internet, you can sell to people all over the world, not just your town or region, and you  don't even need to be there to complete the sale!
  • Locally, more and more people every day decide who they are going to call for a service by checking the business out on the internet. The yellow pages only hold so much information. A website can hold pages  and pages of information and selling techniques.
  • Rather than get on the telephone and  call all the businesses about their service and prices, people will look up the business on the internet. By viewing a web page, a potential customer can learn more about the business, the  service, the product, and the owner and decide if that business suits their needs.
  • With a web page, you can say  everything you always wished you could. For instance, a tourist resort can promote their beautiful location, quality service and caring staff with the right words and pictures. A  picture of happy guests, beautiful scenery and well presented accomodation and dining  can say so much.
  • An On line Order/Booking or Enquiry Forms can sometimes generate more enquiries than customers who walk through your front door! You can also be  specific with the information you request from people completing the form. This  information can be very useful in building client databases.
  • Your Web Page is always opened for business even if you are not!
  • In the business  world, being on the internet is part of being competitive and most importantly, it provides an easy way for potential clients to contact you. All businesses have to keep up as over and over, you will have people ask you, "so, what's your web address?", "Can you Email me the details?"

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Last Updated 01-03-02