• A good web site should consist of at least three to four pages to effectively make a web presence. One page alone is simply a 'store front' and will not impress anyone.

  • I start my package with three pages, and additional pages are very low priced. You can usually count on paying about $500 for a small and basic site (depending on amount of content and no. of images that need to be scanned or created).

  • My fees vary with the amount of work required. I can scan your pictures, make custom graphics, research your market and search engines, add links, forms and many other things.

  • I work hard for my clients, and I want to see the site I design make my clients money!

  • My services also include promotion for your site. There is no point if no one knows your site exists! I will add meta tags, make your site search engine friendly,and submit it to the major search engines for you.

  • Be sure to read the information page about promotion and what I can do for you.

  • I can add a web tracker to your site so you can look at your statistics and see where your visitors are coming from, how many hits per day, hour, week, month and year. There are loads of statistics you can glean from a good tracker to better learn how to get your site seen.

  • My rates are lower than you will find just about anywhere.

  • Every site is different, and some take much more work than others.

  • Contact me, and we will discuss the site, and I can give you a closer estimate.

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